Finding Your Own Formula for Success

There’s a new ad for weight watchers where Oprah looks into the camera and tells everyone that each time she failed to lose weight led her to this moment to try again.  It’s a great message and I’m sure so many people can relate to what Oprah is saying:  it’s okay to try and fail because it’s all part of the journey.

While it is a great message, and almost convinces me to join Oprah and weight watchers even though I don’t think I need to, I can’t help but wonder about one thing:  Why can’t Oprah just apply the success she’s found in her career to finding success with weight loss?

I don’t mean to put her on the spot either, I personally love Oprah.  But love her or hate her, it’s an interesting question that we all might be facing.  Some areas of our life may be exactly how we want them but others never seem to come together or it’s a constant struggle. 

What I find interesting is that if we can’t replicate out own success in other areas, what’s to say we’re capable of replicating another person’s journey?  Even Queen O has trouble replicating her own success just in a different area of her life.  So what is it that makes us think that other success stories will relate to our own?

Perhaps it’s that Oprah can’t see how losing weight and growing a milt-billion dollar company are related.  Maybe it’s more likely that you see a correlation between your business and Elon Musk’s journey, rather than comparing how Oprah loses weight.

So all success isn’t all the same?

So then why are those lists of “Things Successful People Do” and “Top Ten Ways to Be More Like Richard Branson” so popular?

I guess I just like the idea that a formula for success is out there and that I will eventually find it. But Oprah has made me see that trial and error and being ready and in the right place and timing are all part of this equation.  I mean, if she can find it, but not duplicate it, then what hope do we have of duplicating anyone else?

But as I said, maybe it’s all about categories.  Business success is different from successful weight loss.  But that seems not quite right to me either; I think that it’s more about where you put your focus and priorities.  Oprah focused on her career – a lot!  And there were times when everyone knew that Oprah was losing weight again because we saw her in jogging suits on the cover of People magazine and there were health challenges with Dr. Oz on her show all the time.  During those times, she did lose weight so I wonder how she lost her focus…

I can’t speak for Oprah, it’s bad enough that I would die to just speak TO her, but her journey that she’s on, in front of everyone, is worth a look to put our own successes and failures into better perspective. 

The message here I think is: “Lessen your focus on others’ success and focus on your own; only you know how to make it there.  Focus, and you’ll reap the rewards.”  My other biggest believe is that you have to keep trying, testing and failing and eventually you’ll have a Euraka moment.  Everyone knows this quote by now:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Thomas A. Edison on inventing the lightbulb

So where does your focus lie for 2016 and how will you be persistent in discovering your unique success formula?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments or on Facebook!

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    Oh well, perhaps you w


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